15 Awesome Rocks & Gems

Rocks and minerals take thousands of years to form and do not have any specific chemical composition. They can be made with both minerals and non-minerals. There are over 4,900 known types of these awesome looking rocks. Here are some cool rocks and gems that look the most beautiful of all.

Sunset Fire-Opal

This opal offers a yellow and orange share that offers you your very own sunset. It only needs a ray of light to fall on the surface.

Luz Opal

Another mesmerizing opal which provides a view of the universal clusters inside a small oval. It is one of the most wanted opals in for collectors.

Luz Opal

Ocean Inside An Opal

When the light hits this opal, one can get enchanted with its beauty of the deep ocean waters. There is only a handful of these.


Bismuth is a trippy illusive rock which gives a fade electronic chip texture. The texture is so precise that it looks man-made.

Lightning Ridge Black Opal

This is another opal variant which is the rarest of all the gems in the world. It is a bluish back misty opal. One will have to pay a lot for getting a hand of these.

Rose Quartz Geode

This is a gorgeous pearly rock. It is carved in the spade of a droplet with an opening for the sparkly velvet inside.


Fluorite is a purple rock which has a very geometrical shade. It looks ghastly and looks like a  with purple gases in a clean corner Minecraft type cubical shapes.


Burmese Tourmaline

This tourmaline looks like a shiny blood clot inside a rock which is carved neatly in the shape of a droplet.

Titanium Quartz

This rock seems like it is a part of a multi-universe distortion like shown in the movies. It is pretty gorgeous to admire.


It is a naturally transparent glass-like structure. It looks like a fortress of tall glassy pillars which looks mesmerizing.

Chrysocolla in Malachite

This ice looking rock seems like a cave filled with cylindrical pillars. It truly looks astonishing when kept as a decoration.

Watermelon Tourmaline

This tourmaline looks like a cut off watermelon which you might confuse for a real one at first glance. It is a piece of natural art.


This blue rose type mineral is looked beautiful with the natural blue pellets. It can be a good decoration for the gardens.



This metal type mineral has a fade on the outside with block-like structures popping out of the surface. On the inside, it is hollow and looks like a crumbles foil.


This bloodred cubical rock has a very balanced red colour. It can be used to making jewellery as well as can be displayed as a natural art piece.