Top 9 Rarest Rocks in the World

Jewellery is a part of accessories that men and women are attracted to, just like other expensive possessions. The cost of jewellery depends on how rare are the items that are being used. Rocks take millions of years to form in nature, and only a small fraction of it is mined and sold as gemstones. Here are the ten rarest gemstones in the world.


Painite is recorded as the rarest mineral in the world. It has its name in the Guinness Book of World Record. This crystal is consists of aluminium, calcium, boron, zirconium, and oxygen. There are only two crystals of Painite that have been found in the world.



Alexandrite has colour changing properties and is has some of the properties of diamond. Its unique qualities make it a rare mineral which consists of titanium, iron, and chromium.


Taaffeite is a precious stone for the gem collectors because of its unique texture and the rarity of the mineral. It is named after Richard Taaffe, the Bohemian-Irish gemologist who first discovered it in 1945. There is only a handful of Taaffeite that is available in the world.

Red Beryl

There is only one mine of its kind in the world. It is located at the Ruby Violet mine in Wah Wah Mountains of Utah. This red gemstone is used in jewellery and can cost one a fortune to get their hand on it.

Red Beryl


The most expensive Jadeite is priced at $3 million per carat. It is only found in limited quantities. The deep translucent green is the valuable version of Jadeite that is available today. It was sold for $10 million at an auction in 1997.


Tanzanite was first found in Tanzania and hence got its name from there. It is found near the Mount Kilimanjaro and was first commercialized in the 1960s. It is a blue variety of zoisite, which was introduced by Tiffany & Co. Heat.


Jeremejevite is found in Siberia and was first discovered in the 19th century. It consists of aluminium and borate minerals and has variable fluoride and hydroxide ions. The cost of this gemstone starts $2,000 per carat. It has a colour range from sky blue to pale yellow.


Black Opal

Opal gives a universal feeling with its rainbow-coloured texture. The black opals are the rarest rock and mineral in the world. They were found in the Lightning Ridge region of New South Wales, Australia. The most expensive black opal was Aurora Australis which was found in 1938 and was valued at AUS$1,000,000.

Padparadscha Sapphire

It is a pink variety of sapphire, which is extremely rare. They are found in Sri Lanka and in parts of Madagascar and Tanzania. Its pink and orangy hues colour combination is what makes it precious. It is one of the most wanted gemstones among the collectors, and the average value of it is around $8,000.